Monday, September 7, 2009

Your Diabotic's Identity

Each diabotics has a unique and special name and identity, conferred by its creating diabotologist.  Take the time to stop and reflect on your new little buddy - his or her hobbies, talents, habits, quirks, favorite pursuits, favorite books, favorite movies, peculiarities....  Let your diabotic be a means to share something about yourself with the world.
Each diabotic has a superpower.  What will your neo-being possess?   Those seeking inspiration may want to refer to wikipedia (from which this image, Cover to World's Finest Comics #283, published by DC, was taken), the complete list of superpowers,  or the superpower list, all of which offer comprehensive, albeit slightly different, overviews of superpowers.  Alternatively, for fans of black humor, superuseless superpowers are nicely dealt with by, a compendium of superuseless superpowers.  You may find yourself drawn to a beloved character or to a superhero with whom you find some similarity.

Diabotics can be made by all people whether or not they have diabetes.  They are meant to prompt families to find some time for artistic exploration, to find a creative use for diabetes waste and to provide a mechanism for interested individuals to share messages about day-to-day life with diabetes.   Inviting non-diabetic friends and family members is a great way to help people understand the complexities of this illness and its management.  Please help us spread the word!
The evolving World Diabetic KID'Z Foundation has spearheaded the inaugural World Diabetic KID'Z Day (for kids of all ages!) , to be celebrated between November 6th and 8th, 2009.  Part of the festivities will include a global challenge to everyone to create their own diabotic and submit its picture for this event (see more under World Diabetic KID'Z Day).  Please consider submitting yours!

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