Monday, September 7, 2009

Diabotics, Diabotes and Diabotology: An Introduction

A far-reaching and friendly, but intense debate followed the arrival of the first diabotics, centered on finding appropriate terminology to describe them. Accurate, precise and relevant definitions are fundamental for all forms of study. This list of relevant descriptive terms is provided to help clarify such semantics.
Diabotes ("di-a-bot-eees"): A field of study incorporating all aspects involved in the creative fabrication of neo-beings (diabotics, "di-a-bot-icks") from discarded medical supplies that were previously used in the care of a diabetic patient.
Diabotics: Neo-beings made from discarded diabetes medical supplies whose final form is determined solely by the creating individual (diabotologist, "di-a-bot-awl-o-gist") with no regard given to conventional or previously described life forms.
Diabotology: A profession or past-time that requires no pre-requisite background or skill and in which there is board certification is neither available nor permissible.

The Principles of Constructive, Collaborative and Inclusive Diabotes outlines core ideologies that are embodied in the diabotes specialty and inherently expressed in the actions of every diabotologist. A complete outline may be found elsewhere (in the Universal Declaration of Diabotic Rights), but for summarizing purposes may be described to include
  • Creative repurposing of used medical supplies and commitment to reducing waste
  • Interest in creative exploration with recognition of the breadth of artistic experience
  • Promotion of widespread diabotes participation by diabetic and non-diabetic individuals of all ages, backgrounds and cultures
  • Advocacy for diabetic patients in all areas of life affected by this disease
  • Respect for diabotics, with proper naming and care of the individual 
Important Disclaimer
Care must be taken to avoid confusing Diabotes with linguistically similar terms that refer to drastically different areas of study: Diabates (the study of remarkable feats of acrobatic activity performed, occasionally without warning, by diabetic children), Diabites, (the study of diabetic fairy beings, occasionally exoressed in its slang form "Diabitties") and, finally, Diabutes (the study of diabetic children who consistently use the word "but"). This website assumes no responsibility for consequences that arise from confusion of these terms.

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