Monday, September 7, 2009

Meet Our Diabotics

The Group

 Once we started making diabotics, we found it hard to stop.  The above photo depicts the collection of our very first group, with descriptions of a number of these diverse individuals below.


Banting was the original diabotic, named after Sir Frederick Banting, a co-inventor of insulin (and this diabotic is, coincidentally, a fellow Canadian).  Banting can be a shy fellow and had to be coaxed into this photo.  Inspite of his quiet (and, at times, slightly geeky) nature, our other diabotics (and our cats) universally consider him to be a leader.  His hobbies are polymer chemistry and designing diabetes pump-wear.  His superpower is instantaneously knowing the blood glucose of any individual without using a glucometer.


Bartleby has been a clown since his beginning as site applicator housing (insisting on constant losing of his arms and prompting the discovery of the usefulnessness of Dremel tools in diabotics).  His diverse hobbies include teasing the cats, hiding the family glucometer and reading comparative mythology (Joseph Campbell, mainly).  His superpower is being able to change discouragement to optimism in others, helping people see the bright side to life.


Roxanne is a diabotic diva (and the winner of this year's prestigious "Miss Diabotics Vixen of Greater Boston").  When not coiffing her syringe depressor locks, she likes studying algebra and has memorized pi to 234 decimal points.  She also designs diabotic clothing (notice her ketometer lancet skirt, carefully colored purple) and is initiating a clothing line with Banting consisting of clothes equipped to hold a pump without the need for any additional belt or holder.


Ursula considers herself to be a "bohemian goth pagan".  She's vegetarian, lives in a yert and spends much of her time camping in the wilderness.  One of her projects is exploring how diabetic people managed to live at all in the years before insulin was discovered.  Her superpowers are two-fold - a photographic memory and the ability to read massive amounts of information quickly (making her a top contender for the Diabotic Academy of Academic Bohemian Goth Pagans).


Francois is a French-Canadian who is true to the words on his chest, "Diabetes Warrior".  He is a strong advocate for all diabetics, Type 1 and Type 2, whether they take insulin or not.  He has, in the past, lobbied congress on diabetes-related issues, even surviving a crush injury when a congressman inadvertently stepped on him (even with his insulin bottle legs, he is only six inches tall).  His superpower is being able to explain very complicated information in a way that helps every person understand and master it.


Bongo is the diabotic brainchild of Ellie Somers, a founding diabotologist, and was made from materials that Ellie felt would be suitable for younger children (although she added certain features with a Dremel tool and cautioned that she would only recommend glue for smaller youngsters).  Bongo enjoys sports and is a constant volunteer  hockey puck for the cats (he glides really well on hardwoods).  His hero is "Mr. Bill" of Saturday Night Live origin and his motto is "More Cowbell".  His superpower is knowing every possible carb count (by brand, by weight, by packaging) of every food in the world without having to look it up (definitely a worthwhile friend!)


Oswaldo is a happy-go-lucky diabotic whose superpower is climbing the walls and ceilings.  He was created by Anika Somers, a founding diabotologist whose specialty is finding all possible Dremel tools applications in the diabotes endeavor.  Oswaldo is a movie buff.  His favorites include "The Compass", "Baghdad Cafe"and every film ever directed by Christopher Guest.  He enjoys going to historic movie theatres where he has been known to entertain the other movie-goers with his wall-climbing antics.


Snibblet would be easy to overlook because he's the shortest of the group, but this little fellow has a huge presence.  He is extremely well-read and can speak six languages (including the clicking one).  One of his life goals is to meet Wes Cowan of the History Detectives, of which he has viewed every existing episode.  Inspite of his nerdly exterior, Snibblet is well-liked by all.  His superpower, reflected in his multiple eyes, is being able to see all sides to every issue.   In addition to his open-mindedness, he is a skilled and fair negociator, which has won him a seat in the Diabotics United Nations.

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